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This isn’t the epic life you dreamed of.  You’re ready to break free of the rut you’re in. You’ve come to the right place. 

I’m Ready To:

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Despite what it seems, everything you’ve achieved doesn’t feel fulfilling or ‘good enough’.  So you do more and try harder to make sure everyone’s happy.

Dating the wrong people, walking on eggshells, or losing yourself in toxic relationships – the story always ends with you + a broken heart.  You secretly wonder if you’re too damaged or unlovable.

You’re exhausted, anxious, resentful, and overwhelmed.  You feel judged, small, insecure, like a fraud.

The critic inside your head agrees.

Goodbye anxiety, stressfeeling insecuredepression, heartbreak, people-pleasing, perfectionism, and resentment

Hello calmclarity, purpose, authenticity, confidence, satisfaction, resilience, creativityjoy, and gratitude.

We’re glad you’ve found us.  Envision Wellness is a team of licensed clinical psychologists and therapists that provide counseling and psychological evaluations in Miami, FL, to the surrounding neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Brickell, Pinecrest, and South Miami.

The pressures you face everyday make your hopes and aspirations seem out of reach.  But that’s not true.  As counselors, we help young professionals, entrepreneurs, and aspiring leaders (just like you) who are at a loss for what needs to change in their life and “just want to be happy”.  Let’s work together to make happy your reality.

Because you deserve an epic life.

Click below to learn how therapy can help you overcome anxiety, relax, and get unstuck in love, work, + life.

Still not sure if therapy’s for you?  Check out the FAQs others have asked about counseling.