Anxious  Over-giving  People-Pleasing  Perfectionistic  Insecure Overwhelmed  

Stressed Out  Irritable  Uncertain  Depressed  Not Good Enough  Lonely 

Find yourself feeling any (or all) of the above? You, too, huh?

Just in my 20s, I changed majors 4 times, earned 3 degrees, switched jobs 4 times, got burned out, lost myself in a toxic relationship, experienced friendship drama (and lost said friends), had several heartbreaks, completed an internship and residency, acquired student loans, became a psychologist, lost a loved one, made a tribe of new friends, moved 4 times, bought my first place, and experienced the disappointment of dating in Miami.

So I get it.  I’ve felt the same way, too.

I’m Erika Martinez, a licensed psychologist and counselor serving Miami, FL, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Brickell, Doral, Pinecrest, and South Miami. Helping bright high-achieving, but disillusioned, young adults get unstuck in love, work, and life is my specialty.  I racked up over 6,000 clinical hours with an emphasis on neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations for children, teens, and adults only I realized, “I don’t love testing anymore.”  So I did only thing a self-aware psychologist could do –

I switched to providing therapy and coaching.

At first glance, I didn’t see how my past experiences related to my practice of counseling.  But looking back, I picked up just as many kick-ass psychotherapy skills from my work with students, their parents, former bosses and colleagues, as well as my experiences with my exes, family, and my friendships, as I ever did from some of the textbooks lining my shelves.  Along the way, I noticed that young adults facing

Existential dilemmas, trauma/neglect, relationship meltdowns, and quarter life crises are my sweet spot.

All that life experience coalesced into my unique blend of psychotherapy, coaching, and assessment that I now use to empower my clients as they navigate the trials of the ubiquitous 20s and 30s.  I give these bright professional millennials the tools to craft an epic, authentic life without sacrificing their big ambitions.  

My Style and Approach

I bet you’re wondering, “This sounds good, but what’s she really like?”  So I asked current clients to describe me as a person and what it’s like to work with me.  Here’s what they said:  I’m equal parts sensitive, practical, down-to-earth, and accessible.  I tell-it-like-it-is in a tactful way so you can hear the message and get the insight you need.  Depending on what brings you to counseling, I can be collaborative (helping you arrive at your own conclusions) or I can be directive (just let me know if you want a solution to your problems).  Whatever works best for you and your situation.

Whenever I start working with a new client, I combine your initial session with some basic psychological tests to get a deeper understanding of you in a shorter period of time.  While we’ll spend time digging into your past and how it relates to your present situation, I also help you explore how those big AHA moments relate to your future goals, which helps you translate these abstract insights into everyday actionable terms.  That translates to less time in therapy, saved money, and faster and longer lasting results for you.

Click below if you’re ready to discuss how therapy can be your next step towards a more rewarding and happier life.

The Official Bio

Erika Martinez, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Erika Martinez, Psy.D., a Florida licensed psychologist and certified educator, specializes in the assessment and treatment of a variety of mental health conditions in young adults. Using her expertise in neuropsychological testing, she helps others explore life’s challenging areas and brainstorm solutions using their personal strengths. With greater self-awareness and confidence, they are able to move forward and lead personally and professionally rewarding lives.

Dr. Martinez provides therapy to high-achieving teenagers and professional millennials facing quarter life crises, relationship meltdowns, and existential dilemmas which can present as a myriad of symptoms including: anxiety, destructive behaviors, self-sabotage, depression, loneliness, burn out, poor self-esteem, shame, and impaired social skills.  She previously worked in graphic design, human resources, and community mental health.  Prior to private practice, she worked in secondary and university public education settings for a decade helping parents, educators, and counselors better understand and serve students with AD/HD, Giftedness, and learning disorders.