Therapy & Counseling = Guidance for Lonely Hearts, Unrewarding Careers, and a Meh Life

How did all the right choices get you so stuck in an anxious, lonely rut?

Life didn’t start out easy for you.  You watched your family struggle, and you knew you wanted better for your future.  This motivation led you to achieve everything you were told would lead to happiness – diplomas, career, money, car, house, marriage, and yes, even children.  Fast forward to today.

Life looks amazing from the outside, but you feel sad, overwhelmed, and lonely on the inside.

Despite all the outward success, you’re ashamed to admit that you’re still not happy.  You’re irritable and frustrated, and trying to keep the façade leaves you drained, emotionally and financially.  It’s starting to show in your work.  Your relationship is slowly unraveling.  It’s getting harder to go on dates, and even when you do, they don’t seem to work out or go really wrong.

You feel like a fraud most days, and you’re not sure why.  A part of you worries that others are realizing it, too.

What you’ve achieved doesn’t feel like enough. None of it is fulfilling for long.  You’re tired of living in this state of quiet anxiety and sadness.  Truth be told, you’ve lost your motivation.  You’re frustrated for letting it get this far, and now you’re not sure how to shift gears.

I can help you have that big, bright life you dreamed of while you worked your butt off in school.  

Therapy can help you figure out actionable steps how to get there from the privacy and security of my Miami counseling office. I’m not the average psychologist practicing in Miami, FL, that nods and hmms while you vent about what’s wrong.  My no-nonsense approach to therapy integrates life coaching and assessment to help you:

After working with me, you’ll be able to translate those big abstract ah-ha’s into everyday actionable terms.  My goal is to help you envision the life you want inside my office so you can live that life beyond my doors.  Psychotherapy can bring you closer to your desires for lasting soulmate love, purposeful work, intimate meaningful relationships, and a deep sense of personal fulfillment.  More importantly, you’ll learn the resiliency needed to face whatever lies ahead.

You owe it to yourself to craft an authentic life that aligns with who you really are.  

That life is within your reach if you’re ready to begin living it. Counseling can help you get there.  All on your terms.

Click below if you’d like to learn how therapy can help you improve your relationships, recover your motivation, and experience relief from anxiety and sadness.

Still not sure if counseling’s for you?  Check out the FAQs others have asked about therapy.