Codependent Relationships & People Pleasing

One amazing date turns into a whirlwind romance.  You’re so lost in your new love that you neglect your friendships and loved ones. Before you know it, you can’t make decisions without polling others. You’re not sure what you like, what you think, or even how you feel.  

And then it hits you –  you’ve lost yourself in this relationship.

It always happens the same way.  You bend over backwards to make others happy even when your plate is full. Because the word “no” is not in your vocabulary (even when it should be).  Instead, you’re left frustrated, angry, and resentful.  You wonder:

What about my needs?

Would they do the same for me?  

Would they still be in my life if I didn’t go along to get along?

Why is it so hard just to be myself?

All you want is a forever partner and  #rideordie friends, but your current relationships feel one-sided and unsatisfying.

                        You don’t understand why you attract these toxic relationships.

Chances are you’ve been in a codependent relationship if you’ve ever felt any of the above.  Think of codependency as a sort of addiction to a relationship (not necessarily to a drug).  Therapy and counseling can help you overcome the common behaviors of codependent relationships.  I combine my years of professional training and practice as a licensed psychologist and therapist in Miami, FL, to help you:

  • Recognize signs of toxic and controlling relationships and what to do
  • Stop trying to please the wrong people
  • Feel more calm and relaxed in your relationships
  • Learn how codependency and attachment styles impact your relationships
  • Let go of perfectionism and need of others’ validation
  • Gain a healthier perception of your self worth
  • Prioritize yourself and your needs
  • Set healthy boundaries with others
  • Practice new healthy ways of relating to potential partners
  • Show up authentically as yourself in relationships

You can be loved for being your authentic self.  No more and no less. 

Click below if you’re ready to have healthy, mutually supportive relationships.

Still not sure if therapy’s for you?  Check out the FAQs others have asked about counseling.