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Effective Therapy and Psychological Testing

can help you get unstuck in love, work, & school.

You’re overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, and sad.  You feel judged, small, insecure, like a fraud at work or a failure in school.  And you secretly wonder if you’re not good enough or too damaged to achieve your dreams.

The critical voice inside your head agrees.

But that voice is wrong.  That’s why we’re glad you found us.  At Envision Wellness, we’re a team of doctoral-level licensed clinical psychologists that provide therapy and psychological testing in Miami, FL, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Brickell, Pinecrest, and South Miami.  We’ll help you figure out what’s going on, so you can say

Goodbyeto anxiety, stress, panic attacks, depression, OCD, feeling insecure, heartbreak, people-pleasing, perfectionism, toxic relationships, and codependency

We understand the modern pressures you face every day in a fast-paced and image-focused city like ours.  The frantic pace of life and unrealistic expectations in Miami are sooo overwhelming.  Worst of all, it makes your hopes and aspirations feel impossible to achieve.  But that’s not true.  As therapists, we help people from all walks of life – like professionals, college students, stay-at-home moms, high-level executives, & online influencers – who are at a loss for what needs to change in their life and “just want to be happy”.  

Therapy and psychological testing can help you get there.

Let’s work together to make happy your reality.


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