Daring Greatly ™ Online Course

Do you love Brené Brown’s books and TED talks?  

Did her Netflix special Call To Courage leave you wanting more?

Find yourself wishing there was a how-to manual to start practicing her amazing advice?

Well, you’re in the right place, friend.

Join us for Daring Greatly ™, a self-paced online workshop based on

Brené Brown’s research and best-selling book, Daring Greatly.

Daring Greatly ™ is an experiential psychoeducational workshop dedicated to exploring how shame, vulnerability, courage, and worthiness show up in daily life. The curriculum also addresses the resiliency skills needed to grapple with these difficult emotions in order to lead a wholehearted and authentic life.  Activities include videos featuring Brené Brown, self-reflection exercises, creative exercises, and group discussion to practice the concepts covered. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover:

  • Courage  what it is, what it looks like in action, why you need it
  • Values  what they are, their importance in your life, and how they guide you
  • Trust  basic components of trust, how to identify people that have earned your trust
  • Vulnerability  what it is, what it isn’t, and how it shows up in daily life
  •  Attributes of Empathy and Self-Compassion and how to practice them
  • Shame  what it is, what feels like, how it shows up and affects daily living
  • Shame Shields 
  • Shame Resilience Skills

About Your Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF)

erika martinez psychologist miami coral gables

Hi, I’m Erika Martinez. I’m a licensed psychologist and certified educator in Florida, as well as a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (CDWF). A few years ago, I came across Dr. Brené Brown’s TED on vulnerability and it jolted me awake from the state of complacency I’d been in. Since then, I’ve read all of her books and research. In 2017, I attended her training program for mental health professionals where I completed the Daring Greatly ™ and Rising Strong™ workshops and learned to guide others through it  under the supervision of Dr. Brown’s team. Over the last two years, I’ve seen the transformative effect the concepts from the Daring Way™ in my personal life and my therapeutic work with individual clients. I realize that not everyone needs therapy or can afford it, but I believe that everyone can benefit from Dr. Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness.

For less than the cost of one therapy session, you too can learn how to live a life that’s courageous, authentic, and resilient. 

Here’s A Sneak Peek Inside Daring Greatly

  • Introduction & Coping Strategies

    Exploration of Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena quote, Creating a Safe Context that Supports You During This Experience, Identifying Your Arena, & Permission Slips

  • How Values Light The Way

    Identifying Your Values and Understanding Their Role in Your Daily Life

  • Trust & The Marble Jar

    Explore What Trust Is, What It Isn’t, The Ingredients of Trust, and Learning Who To (And Not To) Trust

  • The Myths of Vulnerability

    Learn About the Paradox and Myths of Vulnerability, and Understand the Important Role of Vulnerability in Your Life

  • Empathy & Self-Compassion

    Learn the Definitions of Empathy and Self-Compassion, How Empathy and Sympathy Differ, Explore the Common Mistakes of Empathy, Take the Emapthy and Self-Compassion Quizzes

  • The Arena

    Learn the Layout of the Arena, Explore Sections of Your Arena, and Make a Playlist of Arena Anthems

  • Shame At The Arena Door

    Understand How Shame Stops You From Doing Brave Things in Your Life

  • The Armory

    Explore the Physiology of Shame in Your Body and Dive Into the Strategies You Commonly Use to Protect Yourself From Shame.

  • Understanding Shame

    Define Shame, Explore the Differences among Shame, Guilt, Humiliation, and Embarrassment, Understand the Messages You Learned About Shame Growing Up

  • Shame Shields

    Learn About the 3 Most Common Shields & Identify How and When You Use Them in Everyday Life

  • Identities & Triggers

    Rediscover the Messages That Have Kept You Small, Identify New Messages To Empower You to Be Bolder in Your Life, Create an Authenticity Mantra

  • Cultivating Shame Resilience

    Assess Your Current Shame Resilience Skills, Identify the 4 Strategies of Shame Resilience, and Learn How to Communicate in a Shame Resilient Way

Word on the Street

I was so lucky to find this workshop. It was perfect timing. I was having a hard time trying to figure out what I wanted to major in vs what my parents expected of me. I didn’t want to screw up and pick the right thing for them and be miserable the rest of my life doing a job I’d hate. The information in this workshop really helped me get clear about what’s important to me and get up the courage to choose a field that I really love even if it’s not something that my parents agree with.

I have my own business and it’s always been really hard to put me and my products out there for the whole world to see. I’m always super nervous about what people will think and if they’ll like my stuff. So I procrastinate forever until I can get it perfect, but then nothing gets done and I beat myself up about it because I know I’m capable of so much more, you know? Well, I’ve seen a big change in the way that I’m approaching my business. Since starting this class, I’ve been getting more things done even if they weren’t perfect which is a big deal for me. And even the way I talk to my kids is different and their behavior is totally changing which has been awesome.

I’ve been a Brene Brown fan for a few years now since I watched her TED talks. I thought I understood her ideas after having read her books, but I was so wrong. This course takes you through each segment of the information from her book, Daring Greatly, and breaks it down in ways that are easy to understand and to put into practice – even if you’ve never read the books. I’ve found these concepts invaluable in my personal life, but also in my professional work with my own clients. I highly recommend this course with Erika!

The last few years have been really tough for me. Nothing was going right so I decided to go to therapy. She helped me figure out that I was living with a lot of shame about myself that I had learned growing up. So I started to learn more about shame and it led me to Brené Brown. I came across Dr. Martinez’s online workshop and thought, “Why not?” And after therapy, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel this course has enhanced my experience in therapy so much more.  I’ve grown so much as a person, and I’m actually kind of starting to like myself, too. Thank you.

Awesome content, well delivered, and very convenient for on-the-go professionals like myself with little time but who value personal growth and development. Erika was highly knowledgable, friendly, and handled tough topics directly and with tact. Great investment of time and reasonably priced. Will definitely be recommending it to friends and colleagues.

This is such a cool experience! I totally loved seeing and reading other’s responses to the exercises. What really struck me was the similarities in everyone’s responses despite the differences in ages and background. Made me realize that as people we have more in common than we think and that the differences that we tend to worry so much about are actually pretty cool to other people. Realizing this has really helped me be more compassionate with myself especially when I’m creating my art. So grateful for this opportunity and for Erika’s guidance and support! (=

Here’s What’s Included:

  • One-year (12 months) Access to exclusive course videos and materials
  • PDF downloads of worksheets and exercises
  • Knowledgable facilitator to answer your questions
  • Other like-minded individuals to support your growth

What You’ll Need for a Successful Experience:

  • Time scheduled to work through this course
  • a folder or binder to keep your worksheets and any related journaling
  • Post-it/sticky notes (standard 3-in x 3-in work well)
  • favorite pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.

What To Expect After You Sign Up:

  • Click any of the buttons on this page and make your payment.  All major credit cards are accepted.
  • You’ll receive an enrollment confirmation email. Follow the instructions in it, and get started.

Daring Greatly ™ is FOR you if:

  • You want to take your personal growth journey to the next level

  • You want to transform your relationships into more meaningful, connected ones
  • You’re ready to let go of worrying so much about what others think of you
  • You want to stop feeling like you’re “not ____ enough”
  • You feel like a fraud (aka imposter syndrome)
  • You want to learn to trust yourself more
  • You need to practice setting and following healthy boundaries
  • You want more JOMO & YOLO and less FOMO & SOS in your life
  • You’re tired of having superficial or toxic relationships
  • You struggle with poor self-esteem
  • You shy away from the limelight/attention despite having something valuable to contribute
  • You’re a perfectionist or people-pleaser
  • You say ‘yes’ to things when you really should have said ‘no’ (or vice versa)
  • You feel like you’re falling short of your potential
  • Your life feels out of alignment with who you really are

Are you ready to transform yourself and how you show up for your life?


Do I need to already be familiar with Brené Brown’s work to participate in this online course?

No.  Anyone in the general public is welcome to enroll.  The concepts covered are taught in a stand-alone way, so prior knowledge isn’t required.  However, I highly encourage you to read Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly prior to starting the course.  If you’re pressed for time, watching her TED Talks or her Netflix special, Call To Courage, are good alternatives so you have a general sense of topics that will be covered in this workshop. 

Is this therapy?

No, it’s not therapy and participating in this workshop does not make the facilitator your therapist.  If you want to start therapy, please speak to your facilitator to get recommendations for therapists that might be appropriate for you.

How long do I get access to this online course?

You’ll have access to the Daring Greatly ™ course for one year (12 months) from the date of purchase.

Is this course for mental health professionals or life coaches?

No, this course is meant for the general public. Enrollment by mental health professionals and life coaches would violate the course’s Terms and Conditions of Use.

Will I be a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator after this course?

No.  Completing this course for your own personal growth and development, but it does not prepare you to lead others in doing this work. The Terms and Conditions of Use for this course strictly prohibit the participant from using and/or reproducing the associated materials from this course in any professional capacity or for monetary gain. If you’d like more information about certification, please visit https://brenebrown.com/thedaringway/ or speak with your facilitator.

Ready to let go of who you’re supposed to be? Want to live your life with authenticity? 


Total Investment: $199.99 USD

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