Career Aptitude Test for High School, College Students, and Career Changers

What should I do with my life?

At some point, you’ve asked yourself this question whether you’re a high school senior, a freshman in college, or even someone that’s unhappy at work.  The guidance counselor helped you figure out how to select a college and get into it. College advisors just make sure you take the right classes for your major so you can graduate.

But how do you even start choosing a major or changing careers?

No one’s helping you figure that out.  You want to pick a college major that aligns with your strengths and interests – one that will lead to a career that pays well doing what you love and a meaningful life.  You’ve looked online for a college major quiz or a personality career test, but the ones you found on BuzzFeed don’t exactly seem legit.

A career aptitude test is what you need.

A career aptitude test can help high school students, college freshmen, and anyone interested in changing careers make informed decisions about their future.  From her centrally located office in Miami, FL, Dr. Erika Martinez combines her assessment knowledge as a licensed psychologist, time working in human resources, and experience as an educator at a prestigious college preparatory high school to arm students, parents, and career changers with key information to make strategic choices about college (and grad school) selection and understand the types of internships and work experiences you’d benefit from pursuing.  Because choosing a career that makes you happy is a big deal, now and later on in life.  

A career aptitude test can help you figure out what you want life after high school or college to be like.

This evaluation includes:

  • Background & information gathering session with the licensed psychologist and the client
  • 30 – 45 minutes of test administration
  • 1-2 days to score and process test results
  • 30-minute feedback session to review results and answer questions

Total Time for completion = 7 calendar days or less

You probably have more questions about career aptitude testing.

Here are some of the most common questions that people ask us about our career aptitude tests.

Vocational aptitude testing is great for anyone that wants to better understand which fields of study and industries best align with their personality traits and personal values. It also helps identify any mismatches between a person and a career they are interested in pursuing.

When high school seniors (12th grade), college freshmen and sophomores take a career aptitude test, the results can guide the conversation among students, parents, and educators regarding:

  • course selection
  • which colleges/universities to apply to
  • what combination of college major(s) and minor(s) are most beneficial
  • which training and/or internship opportunities to seek out

Career aptitude testing is also beneficial for those unhappy in their current career and and are unsure of what professional changes to make. The results will help you identify your areas of professional interest that align with your personality and unique way of seeing the world. 

#1 Save time

A career aptitude evaluation lets you zero in exactly what programs to apply to, which classes to take, and which internships would be the most beneficial to you. This means you’re graduating on time with the knowledge, skills, and relevant experience you’ll need to be competitive in the workforce. Not changing majors 3 times like the average student or extending your college career by 2 years+.

#2 Save money

Each time a student changes majors it adds 8%-10% more to the tuition bill. If they change it the average 3 times, that college education just cost 24%-30% more. That means more money parents have to shell out and/or more student loans to pay off. A career aptitude evaluation reduces the number of times a student changes majors, keeping tuition lower. Alternately, it directs those that would benefit from learning a trade away from making the costly mistake of attending college.

#3 Make strategic choices

Do you need to go to that ivy league/out of state university for undergrad, especially if you know need to go to medical or law school afterwards? Why not take the full ride scholarship to the public university and let your college fund keep growing so grad school is less expensive?

While some people would benefit from going to college to accomplish their professional goals, others not so much. They may excel in a highly skilled trade or by joining the armed services. A career aptitude evaluation points you in the professional direction that best aligns with your personality, strengths, and interests. 

#4 Personal and financial independence sooner

Millennials are known as the boomerang generation because they often end up back at home with their parents, unable to afford living independently and drowning in student loan debt. A career aptitude test can help young adults plan their future properly so they can achieve independence sooner and feel like the grown-ups they are. 

#5 Greater work (and overall life) satisfaction

The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work. That’s a third of their life in the 9-5 grind! So the work that you do and where you do it will have a huge impact on your quality of life and overall happiness in the long run. You can turn the odds of happiness in your favor by taking a career aptitude test now and reap the returns many years into the future.  

Our career aptitude evaluations are more powerful and effective than the ones offered by most college career services departments. Why? While we use similar aptitude and interests tests, our evaluations also include the use of personality tests along with a session with Dr. Erika Martinez. She cross-references the results of the personality tests with the results of the aptitude and interests tests and the information she learns about you during your session.  The end result is a comprehensive report detailing specific recommendations (10-15 pages total) which she reviews with you during your final session with her. 

Our evaluations are $500 for high school students and college freshmen and sophomores. The cost is $700 for adults seeking to change careers or re-position themselves in the labor force. This includes:

  • the initial session with Dr. Erika Martinez
  • personality, vocational interests and aptitude testing
  • a comprehensive report with recommendations (10-15 pages total)
  • a final session to review the report and have your questions answered

There’s a $150 USD non-refundable deposit for career aptitude testing to cover the time spent in preparation for the testing session.

Yes, as long as you’re a Florida resident. Both your first and last sessions can be done using our online therapy meeting room. And you can take the tests on your computer using a link we’ll send you. Your full report will be emailed to you.

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