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Meet our team of psychologists, therapists, post-doctoral fellows, interns, and support staff. Together they provide holistic therapy and quality psychological evaluations in Miami, FL, and the surrounding neighborhoods of Coral Gables, Brickell, South Miami, Pinecrest, and Doral.

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Francisco Martinez-Mesa, M.D., Psy.D. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Specialties: Health Psychology for Chronic Disease/Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Major Lifestyle Changes (Weight & Diet, Exercise, Smoking Cessation), Panic Attacks, DepressionAnxiety and Stress, Hypnosis, & Meditation/Mindfulness

Populations: Adults, Individual Therapy

Psychological Testing Specialities: Neuropsychological, Immigration/N-648, Bariatric/Pre-Surgical, Immigration (Hardship, Asylum, T & U Visas, and VAWA) and other Legal and Forensic matters

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Joyce Szentpaly, Psy.D. | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Specialties: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety, Stress Management, Depression, and Insomnia, Social Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Panic Disorder, Phobias, Perfectionism, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Hoarding, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), and Body Focused Repetitive Disorders (BFRB) (e.g. skin picking, hair pulling, nail biting, etc.)

Populations: Adolescents (ages 15+) and Adults, Individual and Family therapy

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

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Erika Martinez, Psy.D., CDWF | Licensed Clinical Psychologist

SpecialtiesBreakup Recovery, Relationship Trauma (e.g. Toxic Relationships and Narcissistic Abuse) Codependency & People-PleasingSelf-Esteem/Self-Worth, Adult Children with Toxic Parents, Attachment Disorders in Adults, Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN), and Personal Growth & Development

Populations: Adults, Individual Therapy with Integrated Coaching

Psychological Testing Specialities: Gifted/IQ, Learning Disorders, ADHD/ADD, College/Career Testing, Pre-Adoption Psychological Evaluations

Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Karla | Office Manager

She’s smart, meticulous, and mighty efficient, keeping the office running smoothly on a daily basis. Karla is a graduate psychology student and is interested in trauma.

Rachel | Chief of First Impressions

She’s warm, kind, and patient, which makes her the perfect person for you to speak with when you’re nervous about calling our office. Rachel has been thoroughly trained to answer all of your questions about therapy and psychological testing, as well as match you with a therapist that will best suit your needs.  Someday, Rachel wants to be a mental health professional, too.

Lena | Office Assistant & Psychometrician

Lena LOVES psychological testing. This makes her an amazing psychometrician – administering, scoring, and proofing psychological tests and reports. Someday, Lena wants to be a neuropsychologist, too.

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