Self Esteem = Authenticity, Self Love, & Self Compassion

Your life looks great on the outside, but you feel like a fraud on the inside.

In fact, you feel like a hot mess, full of insecurities and indecision.  It’s even hard for you to take a compliment.  You can’t help over analyze what they said and whether they meant it.  Worse yet, you question if you really deserved it.  

Your low self esteem is taking a toll on your life.  

The voice in your head is your worst critic.  It talks down to you, saying things that you’d never say to a friend.  Deep down you worry others will be repulsed if they finally see you the way you perceive yourself.  

You know it’s time to do something about your low self esteem. It’s not healthy to keep beating yourself up, not liking yourself, and looking to others to feel better about yourself.  But you can’t escape the negative self talk long enough to show yourself compassion.

                                                  You can be authentically you.

It’s hard to believe that’s possible in Miami where perception is considered reality.  Our team of psychologists and relationship experts, I can help you heal the most important relationship of all – the one you have with yourself.  From the comfort of our centrally located office in Miami, you can:

  • Discover your unique value and personal strengths
  • Gain a healthier perception of your self worth
  • Improve your low self esteem
  • Prioritize yourself and your needs
  • Cultivate self love and self compassion
  • Learn the self care strategies
  • Stop people pleasing the wrong people
  • Become more assertive (not aggressive) in your relationships
  • Set healthy boundaries with others

Stop measuring your life with someone else’s yardstick.  

Click below if you’re ready to heal from low self esteem and have a better relationship with yourself.

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