Tips for Missing Your Toxic Ex on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day isn’t always a loved-up fest for everyone. This day can be a painful reminder of the relationship they’re missing in their lives for many people.  It can also be difficult if you’re trying to recover from a breakup. If it happens to be a toxic ex, Valentine’s Day is likely to dredge up many bittersweet and conflicted feelings. Even toxic relationships may hold fond memories that you may be prone to romanticize. It’s easy to forget about the negative patterns of behavior and focus solely on the good times of an unhealthy relationship. 

Missing a toxic ex on Valentine’s Day is normal.

Like healthy relationships, an abusive relationship starts out looking like a dream relationship. The abusive partner showers their partner will attention and romantic gestures. Think of a bed with flower petals. a massive bouquet of flowers, fancy dinners, and other grand gestures. Over time, though, these actions disappear and the dysfunction in relationships starts to take root. The abusive person begins to use subtle manipulative tactics like gaslighting, leaving their victims feeling like their crazy or bad people. If you’re recovering from domestic abuse or narcissistic abuse situation, here are some tips for navigating the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.