Let’s Talk 

    Dr. Martinez is a fully bilingual (English and Spanish) licensed psychologist in Florida. 

    As a media psychology expert, she is regularly available for media interviews, profiles, and expert commentary on trending subject matter.  Some of her favorite topics to talk about include:

    • relationships – dating, breakups, online dating, impact of attachment styles on romantic relationships, codependency, contingent self-worth
    • work – picking a meaningful career, maintaining life/work balance, transitioning out of soul-draining jobs
    • finances – psychology of money and spending, money mindset, debt, behavioral ecomonics
    • education – ADHD, learning disorders, gifted, psychological testing, college major guidance
    • pop psychology – shame, guilt, self-worth, empathy, sympathy, personality disorders, movies and literature, celebrities, fashion, creativity
    • any combination of the above as they relate to bright high-achieving young professionals, entrepreneurs, and millennials



    This post is also available in: Spanish