Success Stories

Maybe you’ve asked a friend, family member, or trusted colleague for a recommendation.

But the person they recommended wasn’t a good fit for you. You just didn’t click with them. Listen, it happens. Just like a new person that you’d meet, you may like, dislike, or feel completely indifferent. And it’s okay because therapists and psychologists are people, too, after all. 

Picking a mental health professional to work with is an important decision.

Opening up and being vulnerable about your struggles with just one person is hard enough. Going through that process with two, even three people, until you find someone that you want to work with isn’t ideal. Plus, it’s an investment of your time and financial resources. The biography pages and profiles on Psychology Today and other directories blend together and just don’t cut it. You want to get a feel for the mental health professional you’d be working with from someone that had the same problem. 

That’s why success stories are crucial.

Hearing about the experience of another person that found themselves where you are can have a big impact. But it doesn’t seem like most therapists and psychologists have many client reviews.

Here’s why you can’t find many success stories.

First, as mental health professionals, we can’t ask clients for testimonials due to ethical expectations and legal restrictions. Asking for one may put the client in an awkward position, even if they’ve finished therapy. And second, there’s still a stigma around mental health. Clients (very rightly) worry about the unforeseen personal and professional consequences of publicizing that they’ve worked with a mental health professional.

About Our Success Stories

Since opening our doors in 2014, taking good care of people has always been our top priority. We strive to be the place where #HealingHappens. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with and help many people in Miami and throughout the state of Florida from all walks of life. Despite our inability to ask, many of them have shared their experiences as a way to help others (like you) that are trying to make an informed decision about getting started in therapy or with psychological testing. They all tell us they remember how challenging finding the right help was. 

We’re humbled by their kind words.

We’re in awe of their generosity towards others in the community.

We’re inspired by their courage to authentically share their success stories.

We’re grateful for their trust.

As you read their success stories below, it’s important to us that you know:

  • All are completely unsolicited. 
  • All are unpaid.
  • Text in [ ] has been removed or edited to protect the person’s identity.


Joyce, you’ve helped me so much. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I wasn’t sleeping and having panic attacks all through the night. Just a few sessions with you turned things around and I’m so much better. I still get panic attacks sometimes but now I know what to do. Loved the tools and strategies that I learned with you. Thank you again! 

[OCD] was so bad I couldn’t drive or function at work. [Spouse] and I were on the verge of a divorce. I was miserable with my life. I had been to therapy many times before and it really didn’t help. I was very hesitant about trying it again but my parents insisted and they found Dr. Szentpaly. She was so nice and understanding and helpful. She even came driving with me and did sessions with my parents and [spouse] so they could know how to support me. I’m doing so much better now. I’m happier and feel back on track.

I had a bad breakup early in the year and felt devastated. I looked for help and did the free phone consult with Dr. Erika about a month afterward, but I kind of freaked out about the price because she didn’t take insurance. I figured I could just get over it on my own if I tried hard enough. Well, I was wrong because I was still miserable by the end of summer/early fall. I just couldn’t take it anymore so I scheduled another call with her, and even all those months later, can you believe that she remembered my name and specifics of my breakup?! I didn’t expect that because she must talk to so many people you know. That’s what did it for me. She actually cared. Working with her gave me amazing clarity and I was better in time for the holidays. I wouldn’t have been able to get over my break up without her.

Well, I was alone in this country. All my family was in [Central American country]. I felt very lonely and wanted to make friends but I found myself afraid to approach others. Maybe they would reject me or laugh at me for my accent or lack of education. The therapy changed that for me. I started to feel myself with more confidence. I even joined [public speaking organization] to help me more with the doctor’s encouragement. Now I have friends that I consider a second family and I have met [someone special] who I’m dating. I’m very grateful for the support. {translated from Spanish}

Don’t think twice about working with Dr. Szentpaly. I was blown away by the care received from her. She is a true professional and cares about her patients. I should know having been in and out of therapists’ offices since I was [young]. When I stopped making progress in therapy, she sat me down to talk about taking medicine. Initially, I was dead set against taking medications. But she was really clear about what therapy could and couldn’t do and explained why medicine could help. She even helped me find and worked collaboratively with a great local psychiatrist. And she was right, the meds did help and I made more progress in therapy. Having depression sucked but working with Dr. Szentpaly was a great experience and I feel like myself again.

Dr. Frank has been a godsend since I got my diagnosis. Truly a guardian angel. He’s helped me and my family navigate a really uncertain and scary time. I’ll be forever grateful for everything that I’ve learned while working with him. I’d still be working with him if I still lived in Florida. Very knowledgeable, down to earth, and easy going. I wasn’t sure what to expect when my doctor recommended therapy but now I’m a big believer. Doc even helped me find another therapist in [new home state].

I work in a fast paced healthcare setting where everything is a life or death situation. It takes a toll especially with the added stress of COVID. I started really struggling in my personal life so I decided to get therapy because my [partner] suggested it. At first, I wasn’t so sure but then I found Dr. Martinez-Mesa and I was very impressed with his background, training, and expertise so I decided to give him a try. He seemed perfect for what I needed. He made therapy feel like a weekly deep conversation with a wise friend. He understood where I was coming from. I highly recommend him if you’re feeling stressed/burned out by workplace demands.

Working with Erika has helped me realize that I’ve been super codependent my whole life, with my parents, my friends, [romantic partners]. It’s really messed up a lot of my relationships. She’s helped me be more aware of my unhealthy patterns and find better options. I’m still a work in progress and far from perfect, but I’m so much better than I used to be. I love that she’s so real and authentic. And she doesn’t just sit there and nod and let you vent. She actively participates and engages you. You can tell that she’s really invested in you and doing the work right along with you. 

My family was low key dysfunctional. If wasn’t until I grew up that I realized how f***ed up my childhood was after I’d had a string of toxic relationships. Working with Erika has helped me recover from the trauma of my childhood and those toxic and narcissistic relationships. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it, but I feel exhausted, excited, and like a little bit of my burden has lifted off after each session. She has those really hard uncomfortable conversations with you, and then I see everything more clearly after. I’m so glad that I found her. I’ll probably never stop seeing her, she’s such a great sounding board. 

Psychological Testing

Doctor Martinez was incredible. She gave me clear insight into the test results and next steps. I am very pleased!

[Dr. Martinez] was outstanding. She really knew her stuff and she explained everything so well. Would definitely recommend her.

Dr. Martinez-Mesa was amazing with my kids. He tested both and I left with the results the same day. I couldn’t believe it. I read the reports after and each one was tailored to each child, no typos, nothing. Prices are fair and lower than other places, but if they were more, he’s worth it for same-day results. You’d never get this level of service with the schools. Private testing is the way to go. Thank you! {From Envision Wellness: Same day results are not standard. Occasionally, we can accommodate this if there are last-minute cancellations, etc.}

My [child] wouldn’t sit still at school and the teacher was always complaining. Finally, her counselor insisted that she needed to be tested. I found Dr. Martinez online and I liked that she used to be a teacher. I also liked that she took the time on the phone to understand exactly the type of testing needed. She got in contact with [my child’s] teachers and had them complete questionnaires too. The whole process and easy and really convenient.

[Teen] has been struggling with reading and writing in little ways since late in elementary. We decided to get [them] tested before it got any worse and more behind in school because we were still waiting on the psychologists with the public schools. Doctor took a few sessions to test and in like 2 weeks we had the results. Doc took the time to really explain the result and answer my questions. Then took to the report to the school and bypassed the waiting game there. [Teen] was able to start the new grading period in the right class with accommodations. Well worth the price. Very satisfied.

My brain is constantly going in a thousand directions because I own my own business. So I always figured that’s why I’m so absent minded and have problems focusing until I screwed up with a client and they mentioned that maybe I have ADD. So I looked at the symptoms online but I decided to get tested to see if that was right before I started taking medications. It turns out that I’ve had ADD since I was a kid and I also have anxiety. So I took the report to my doctor and was able to get the right prescriptions. Now it’s so much easier to run my business and get everyday things done. Super helpful and very happy I did this.

I had Dr. Martinez do college testing on my teen because [they] really wanted to go to an expensive university and I didn’t think that it was a good idea without knowing exactly what to study. This testing was very helpful. It helped identify what subject my [child] should focus on for major and minor and helped us decide how best to use the college money we’ve saved. We have a good plan so [they] don’t graduate with student loan debts.

After almost 20 years in fashion and beauty world, I was unhappy and needed to change. I wanted to settle down so I have this test with Dra. Erika. She help me field ideas for new work that is still fun and exciting but with not so much traveling so I can have a happy healthy relationship. 

My [parent] was evaluated before by another psychologist. I sent in the 1 page letter with my [parent’s] citizenship application but it was rejected because the letter did not provide enough evidence to get the citizenship exam waiver. I found Dr. Martinez-Mesa and he did a complete evaluation with a long report that we sent with the new citizenship application. Finally, my [parent[ was accepted and became a US citizen this year. I really am very grateful to this doctor for his professionalism and how well he treated my [parent]. {translated from Spanish}

Very hard to find someone to do evaluation for my [parent] because we speak [Indian dialect]. These doctors did good evaluation on my [parent] with translator. Good result very happy. Now [they are] US citizen. Dreams come true. Thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Martinez Mesa. Your evaluation helped my citizenship application. I was able to get the exam waiver I needed. I hope to be a US citizen in the near future. Thanks again for your help and professional care.  {translated from Spanish}

I had a very abusive relationship with my ex[spouse]. [They] threatened me with reporting me to immigration and deportation. I found out about VAWA as a possibility to stay in the US legally.  I found this Dr. Frank Martinez and he helped me with my case. He wrote a good report and my lawyer said it was very good for my case. I am hopeful to stay in the US legally without abuse so I can keep helping my family in [Southeast Asian country]. 

My [housekeeper/nanny] was going to be deported due to overstaying a visa. [They] help me with my kids so much because I have to work long hours. If [they] had to go back to [South American country] it would be very difficult to find someone else I trust and cares for my kids while I work. [They] are like a grand[parent] for my kids, they would be devastated. I filed for a hardship per my attorney’s recommendation and Dr. Martinez Mesa handled my psychological evaluation. He interviewed me, the kids, and my housekeeper, and he worked with my attorney. We don’t know if my application will work yet but my attorney says there’s good reason to be hopeful. My family and I really appreciate Dr. Martinez Mesa’s work on our case. Fingers crossed!

After multiple rounds of IVF, we decided to stop trying for a baby. It was a really hard choice. Our therapist helping us deal with multiple miscarriages helped us explore adoption as a possibility. We finally decided to try adoption after much discussion and prayer. Our therapist researched and found [Erika] and vetted [her] for us. [Erika was] great to work with, really smooth and easy process. The office staff are very friendly too. Please tell them thank youtoo.  Our adoption case manager was shocked and impressed with [Erika’s] quick turnaround for the report. She said she’s never seen anything like it. Anyway, we sent our paperwork and waited through the whole process. We wanted to let you know that our dream of a family has finally come true thanks to your help. We are the proud parents of a 3-year-old little [child]. Thank you again for your kindness and support during such a delicate time.  

Fast and awesome same day service. Doctor was very professional and understood exactly what I needed. Left with my clearance letter for surgery. I’m one step closer to my personal weight goals. Thanks!

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