You’re Not In Love with Your Love Life

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You’re (Newly) Single and Struggling with Dating.

You’re successful in every part of your life except romance and relationships.  You don’t understand what you’re doing wrong.  You regularly go to the most popular places in Miami.  You’re on all the dating apps and dating sites.  But nothing seems to be getting you closer to meeting your soulmate and having the loving relationship you dream of.

Dating in Miami is tough.  

Meeting someone that’s decent and worth getting to know is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  Even when you have met someone amazing, there are no guarantees and that freaks you out.  Suddenly, you become borderline obsessive: thinking about him or her all the time, over analyzing everything they say, and constantly checking their social media.  

You get anxious when the communication slows down.

Because you tell yourself, “It has to work out with this time with this one because I can’t go back to dating.”  Just when you think things are going well and start to relax, he or she breaks up with you. Or worse yet, they ghost.

You’re (Finally) in a Relationship You Thought You Wanted

So far so good, right? Ehh, not really.  After wanting a relationship for sooo long, you’re in one and things are going okay.  But something feels off.   

Maybe you feel kinda meh about your significant other.  They look great on paper, but they feel too predictable (boring even) once you get to know them.  

You start to wonder whether you’re missing out on someone else that’s a better fit for you.  

Perhaps you’ve been going along to get along so you don’t upset or disappoint your partner. Secretly, you live in fear they’ll leave you if you do.  You’ve stopped speaking your mind, and it feels like you’re losing yourself in this relationship.

Or it’s possible that you get nervous and question your relationship whenever you’re away from your partner for too long.  

You know this isn’t healthy.

But you can’t picture yourself single and dating in Miami again.  “A relationship is better than no relationship,” you keep telling yourself.

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You’re Heartbroken After a Breakup.

You thought you two were in a good place, like things were moving in the right direction, and BAM! You’re blindsided by the end of your relationship.  No explanations and you don’t understand what went wrong.

Sad, depressed, and lonely are understatements.  

This feels like your heart’s being squeezed or you’ve been punched in the stomach.  It’s hard to concentrate at work or think about anything else.  You had no idea a breakup could hurt this much.

You want to heal from this pain in a healthy way.  

You know that you’re not perfect and that you probably made mistakes.  And you’re ready to learn from this experience so that you can be a better partner and have a happy long-lasting relationship in the future.

A healthy love connection keeps eluding you regardless of which situation you find yourself in.

You feel unhappy, heartbroken, lonely, and confused.  You’ve probably wondered: “What’s wrong with me? Am I damaged goods? Why do I keep getting mixed up with the wrong ones?”  

The Heart of the Matter

There’s no class that teaches us how to be in happy, healthy relationships.  Like most people left to figure it out on their own, you probably learned some unhealthy patterns of relating to others throughout your life. That’s why you’re struggling with dating, heartbreak, and relationships.  The good news is you change all that with some support.  As psychologists and therapists, we blend our years of clinical training and counseling with coaching techniques to help you:

  • Overcome sadness, heartbreak, and loneliness
  • Understand why your past relationships have failed
  • Recognize signs of toxic and controlling relationships and what to do
  • Learn how codependency and attachment styles impact your relationships
  • Cope with your codependency behaviors and your attachment style
  • Navigate the dating waters with more confidence
  • Learn what to look for in potential partners that are good fits for you
  • Practice new healthy ways of relating to potential partners

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