Perfectionism = Never Feeling Good Enough

Everyone sees you as perfectly polished and always in control.  Attention to detail and always being ‘right’ is a matter of pride to you.  After all, you have high expectations of yourself and for those around you.  

But the truth is… you’re as hard on them as you are on yourself.  

While you’d never admit it to anyone, you’re exhausted, anxious, and out of balance.  You wish you could trust others enough to delegate tasks so you don’t have to be in control all the time.  Secretly, a part of you is ashamed of the lengths you go to achieve the facade of perfection.

Nothing ever feels “good enough” despite all the effort.  

Even the slightest criticism feels like a personal attack that you dwell on for days.  You’d love to feel free of worrying about what other people think, needing others’ validation, and the critical voice inside your head. Your relationships are suffering, too.  You worry that your perfectionism and control issues will sabotage yet another relationship that’s important to you.

You don’t have to be a slave to perfectionism.

You can learn how to have a happy life without being perfect, always in control, or needing validation from others in therapy.  Our team of therapists combine their years of counseling and psychological assessment experience with concepts taken from the curriculum of The Daring WayTM and Rising StrongTM to help you:

  • Step out of judgment and criticism of othersperfectionism therapy miami
  • Overcome procrastination and analysis paralysis
  • Quiet the inner critic in your head
  • Learn the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving for excellence
  • Feel more relaxed and balanced
  • Be more present in the moment and spontaneous
  • Foster deeper and genuine connection with others
  • Cultivate self acceptance and self compassion
  • Show up authentically as yourself in the world

Let yourself off the hook.  

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