Psychotherapy for Adults with Toxic Parents and Childhood Emotional Neglect

Growing up with your toxic parents was hard.

Now as an adult, you’re torn between the fear of getting hurt again and the desire for a loving relationship like your friends have with their parents.

Your toxic parents rarely showed you love or affection as a kid.  

It was as if your thoughts and feelings didn’t really matter.  You didn’t matter.  The harder you tried to earn their approval and respect, the more your efforts were met with their demands, criticism, abuse, control/suffocation, dismissiveness, neglect, or just plain indifference.  Nothing you did or said was ever good enough for them, or even got a reaction from them.

You wondered if there was something wrong with you.

As an adult, you’ve worked hard to achieve your success and leave your painful childhood in the past.  But that hurt seeps into your present life in the form of sadness, emptiness, depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and failed/unfulfilling relationships.  It’s also difficult for you to ask for help, trust others, or depend on them.  You doubt whether your partner loves you – maybe you’re so damaged that you can’t be loved.  A part of you wonders if you’re even capable of loving.  The other part of you is frustrated and wants you to move on and get on with life.  But…

Deep inside you know it’s time to heal the old wounds from growing up with toxic parents.

Psychotherapy can help you make peace with the past without telling you to “forgive and forget” because those are your parents.  Our therapists combine their years of professional experience with an understanding of the subtle messages that permeate the culture in Miami to help you:

  • Acknowledge your painful experiences growing up with childhood emotional neglect and/or toxic parents
  • Question your toxic parents’ love for you without fear of being shamed or judged
  • Explore your confusion and contradictory feelings for your parents
  • Learn how codependency, attachment styles, and childhood emotional neglect impact your current relationships
  • Decide if you want a relationship with your parents as an adult
  • Discover what type of relationship you’d like to have with your parents as an adult
  • Feel less anxious, depressed, and stressed out
  • Let go of perfectionism and need of others’ validation
  • Gain a healthier perception of your self worth
  • Set healthy boundaries with others
  • Improve your personal relationships

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