Making Friends In Miami As an Adult

Everyone will find themselves there at some point.

You change jobs, you move, you begin and end romantic relationships, and increasingly you find yourself alone.

Finding and cultivating friendship becomes more challenging as you get older. Professional and personal commitments don’t allow friendships to form in the way they did during childhood.

Living in Miami doesn’t make it any easier.

You’ve likely already tried are after-work happy hours with the same handful of coworkers in Brickell or signed up for a new gym membership in the hopes of starting up a conversation between machines. When you have bumped into someone new, you haven’t been able to make a meaningful connection.

Here’s what people won’t tell you about making friends in Miami.

1. Remain As Positive As Possible

Studies show that a long-term lack of social connection can be as damaging as smoking or leading a sedentary lifestyle (yikes!). Your desire to connect with others is completely valid.  It’s hard not to feel disillusioned and depressed when you’re struggling to make new connections.  This can turn you into someone no one enjoys being around.  Try to remember this and it will help you to remain open to the possibility of meeting someone new.

2. Go With Your Flow

When it comes to making friends in Miami, I found some of my most rewarding friendships when I was following my own flow.  You’ve likely experienced being in a flow state when engaging in an activity that you’re passionate about. When you’re in flow, you lose sense of time and feel a deep sense of effortlessness and enjoyment. So how do you get there?

Start by asking yourself, “What would I like to do?” and “What things make me lose track of time when I’m doing them?”  Then, find ways to add these things to your week.  Maybe it means going to that festival you’ve seen banners for or joining a club or association for a cause you care about.  The point is to explore doing things you love so you can break out of old patterns and routine, and into flow.

3. Ditch the iPhone

Constantly being on your phone can lead to missed opportunities for real life connection. It’s easy to miss obvious social cues from others interested in connecting because your mind is somewhere else. Challenge yourself to put your phone away and engage the next time there’s an opportunity. Here’s the best part: the more you open up and begin talking to those around you, the better able you’ll be to turn those interactions into new friendships.

4. Make Yourself Memorable

Friendships are characterized by intimacy.  One way to create a sense of intimacy is by sharing a story about yourself.  I get it – it can be difficult to get over the initial hurdle of small talk, much less share something personal with someone new (especially if you’re an introvert).  Sharing a story can make an impression by giving a brief and genuine glimpse into your personality.

To find a good story, ask a family member, close friend, or your partner if they can remember an event that really illustrates your personality. Keep it light, sweet, and simple. You’ll find that people will naturally gravitate towards you when you share distinctive and memorable details about yourself.

5. Listen Up!

This may seem obvious, but I can’t stress enough how important active listening can be.  When someone feels heard, they feel more connected to you.  It’s even more true if you remember small personal details about them.  if you’re having trouble staying focused in a conversation, pretending that you’ll have to tell someone else can help you stay present in the moment and remain attentive to what’s being said.

Finding friends in Miami is challenging, but not impossible. By changing how you interact with people and your surroundings, new opportunities will begin to present themselves. Don’t hesitate to call (305) 501-0133 or click here to schedule a free 20-minute Clarity Consult if you could use additional help.

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