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Heal after a breakup Miami

If you’ve ever had a breakup while dating in Miami, then you know the emotional and physical pain that accompanies a broken heart.  Fighting the urge to call or text your ex is a minute by minute battle of will, and the desire to troll his/her Instagram sucks all your energy.  Worse even is the hollow feeling of emptiness that you can’t seem to shake.  You know you need help, but you feel tapped out your BFFs for support and you’re not sure if therapy can help.

Mend might be a solution for you.

Mend is an app you download to your smartphone and coaches you through the rough spots after a breakup.  Each day you check-in about how you’re feeling and then listen to a short audio clip.  The app also provides you with journaling prompts to help you emotionally process the emotions surfacing post-breakup.  You’re able to track your progress within the app, days since the breakup and days since your last contact with your ex.  All this is free for 7 days.  After that, there are several subscription options: $9.99 monthly; $23.99 for 3 months; and $59.99 for 12 months.

Is it worth it?

I think so.  I’ve had several clients use Mend in between sessions to heal from their breakups.  And while it’s no scientific study, in my opinion, their progress has been accelerated because of it.  Here’s why:

People in pain need empathy to heal.

There’s nothing more powerful than the knowing nod from someone else that gets how you’re hurting and acknowledges your pain.  Mend provides its users with stories, data, and interviews with others also struggling with or that have overcome breakups.  This helps users feel more connected, understood, and hopeful.

Healing requires self-care.

Here’s something else that the Mend app does well: it encourages you to learn to love yourself which is also vital to recovering from a breakup.  It offers tips and ideas for how to do this, and you can take your personal growth journey even farther by tuning in to the Love is Like A Plant podcast, hosted by the creators of the Mend app.  The blog on also boasts an array of helpful articles, a breakup assessment, book recommendations, and even city-specific guides to mending a broken heart.  Mend also offers suggestions for heart healing retreats in the US and around the world.  And in 2018, it’ll be hosting its first ever conference in Los Angeles. 

It gives your hands something to do.

Let’s face it: at some point you’re going to reach for your phone to call, text, or check your ex’s social media.  (It happens in a split second!)  Mend is a great app to have on your home screen because it gives you an alternative thing to do instead in that.  Many a person has told me that their Mend app has saved them from a bad decision.

All said, Mend has been a great tool in my arsenal for clients struggling with rollercoaster emotions and urges after a breakup.  It helps them connect with and identify their emotions, all while becoming more mindful as well.  And it solves the conundrum that those struggling with breakup face: an outlet to express emotions when there’s no one to talk to, or without worrying that they’re annoying family and friends.  And it does so at a price point that’s affordable when therapy isn’t an option.

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